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Memories of the Day #2405

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Memories of the Day #2405

Over lunch I asked Linda, Rosalind and Aaron (not pictured) to contribute memories to the little book. Once I explained the purpose of the book, they each reacted differently: Linda knew immediately what she wanted to write; Rosalind dithered and agonized over her entry, worried that she wouldn’t make something worth the permanence the book suggested; and Aaron was vaguely disinterested, in his usual reserved way.

I like reading peoples’ entries partly as a way to get to know them, but they reveal themselves even before they’ve written a single word. I’ve known these two for a while now, but it’s interesting to see their personalities come out through the entire process of introducing the book to them.

Laurel wrote in this book on Halloween two and a half years ago, the night I met her. It would be several months before we spoke again, but her entry was striking even then; I think it was a good way to begin to get acquainted.


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April 23, 2015 at 11:44 pm

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