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Station of the Day #2417

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Station of the Day #2417

One last dentist visit, and after many years my teeth are now back in fighting form. I left the dentist’s office today with half of my face numb, and as I approached the Bart station a stranger asked if I could help him get a hot dog, even offering to trade me a Bart ticket for it. Through what felt like inflated lips I managed to convey that I had no cash, and he asked me if I had the time to go down to El Pollo Loco for a sandwich, since they accepted cards.

I agreed, and as we walked he said that I looked young and explained that his 58th birthday is this Friday. He gave me some life advice about fighting for myself, and said that I was a nice person and that I shouldn’t let people take advantage of me. When we crossed the street he made an effort to make sure it was safe for me; we crossed another intersection before the Walk sign turned on and he made a joke about breaking the law.

El Pollo Loco turned out to be a seafood restaurant with a completely different name. They were out of oysters, so he ordered a catfish sandwich instead, and I went on my way.

I could barely speak the whole time, but he carried the conversation. It was a good moment, and a strange way to wrap up these dentist visits. I hope the man enjoyed his sandwich.

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May 5, 2015 at 11:03 pm

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