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Wait of the Day #2418

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Wait of the Day #2418

If society is an organism, then modes of transit are its blood vessels, and around San Francisco the Bart is a major artery. It normally runs smoothly, bringing life in and out of the city every day, but perhaps 1% of the time it runs into some major disaster.

Usually I am buried in a book on my morning commute, but today I was mired in music instead, enjoying the shifting cityscape outside and wondering about the other passengers. After a few sputtering stops in the tunnel, our conductor announced that the train was no longer headed for San Francisco, and the entire contents of the vehicle was poured out onto the platform. One of the tracks in San Francisco had broken, apparently, and this threw the entire system out of balance; half the trains headed for the city were no longer welcome there, and only the most stubborn passengers would make it into the few packed trains available.

We waited as a crowd here for a while, and the train we were hoping for came along and just dumped out more passengers, saturating the station. This was when I called it day; better to work from home than to wait indefinitely trying to get to and from work.

I’m lucky that I can do that. I imagine some wrathful bosses were waiting for quite a few of these people, though no one is really at fault.

Tomorrow, we hope, everything will go according to plan.


Written by Umbrella Man

May 6, 2015 at 11:52 pm

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