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Knight of the Day #2419

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Knight of the Day #2419

Something about this looks to me like a knight in heavy armor, like a protective spirit built into the city to protect it in Times Of Need.

This place used to be where we went for Christmas brunch with my grandparents. I liked the waterfall at the center of the building, but it (and the chattering crowd) made too much noise for conversation to be comfortable for me. Before I started my current job, the last time I was here was the Christmas when my grandpa had some sort of attack, and had to leave in an ambulance. I saw him only once or twice more after that.

I’ve been here for lunch a few times since then, but I think this place is always going to feel a little sullen to me.

I didn’t know what to eat for lunch, and stood on the corner for a moment before walking in, past the bold eagle statue. In a glass case was an array of historical tokens, displayed with titles but no context: bits of a cigar box labeled CIGAR BOX | WOOD, a rusted lock and key labeled LOCK AND KEY | BRASS.

They’re doing construction on the street outside. When I came out it looked like they were going to start pouring concrete, and for a moment I was excited to see it. For whatever reason it wasn’t ready yet, and I had to move on, but from a distance I did see the workers do some odd little dances to emphasize their conversation.

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May 7, 2015 at 11:40 pm

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