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Sculpture of the Day #2430

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Sculpture of the Day #2430

My team at work has been shuffled around quite a bit lately, but I think things are finally coalescing into something solid for a while. Last week Xiao switched onto our team, which meant we could go out for a welcome lunch with everyone.

As we waited for our food I fiddled with the paper pyramid that Kristy’s tea had come in, which lead to Xiao making his own pyramid out of our silverware. I used to like building pyramids out of my fork, knife and spoon whenever I went out to restaurants, but Xiao took it a step further and, with the six forks available, built an second, inverted pyramid atop the first, which made a nice little cage to hold up his plate.

Two days now of coworkers playing at the table, and when I joined Laurel and her coworkers for dinner we finished everything off by doodling pokemon on the paper tablecloth. We’re working with the right people.


Written by Umbrella Man

May 19, 2015 at 12:16 am

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