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Bottle of the Day #2433

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Bottle of the Day #2433

We took a long lunch today to commemorate Xiao’s transferring from another team to ours – something like the workplace equivalent of a marriage feast. On the way there I kept staring up at the buildings, wondering at the personalities their architecture conveyed.

The facades of these skyscrapers are all just masks, of course – the lives inside are hidden completely from the street.

The entrance to the restaurant was plain and innocuous; we were met by a welcome desk, who pointed us to an elevator, and the eight of us stepped into a dark box to be carried up to the next floor. The air of both floors was heavy with incense, and we left the sounds and smells of the street behind when we walked to our tables.

Inside I felt like we were standing in a bottle, or a starship in interstellar space. The walls and ceiling were black, and broad ribbons of blue light lined the front desk and bar. Fish-scale bars lined the windows, and outside, down below, the world was still carrying on its busy city life, silent to us.

Each of these skyscrapers is full of microcosms – it feels so different being on either side of the glass.


Written by Umbrella Man

May 21, 2015 at 10:53 pm

Posted in geometries, places, skies

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