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Ice of the Day #2435

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Ice of the Day #2435

Kari and Valle just graduated, and at their party today Pearce and I were treated to some lovely conversation with their friends. I occasionally fiddled with my lens cap, wondering when an unobtrusive photo opportunity might arise, but no one set themselves apart to perform some spectacle for the rest of us. I had to detach myself from the conversation for a moment, step back and let my camera click in an unsubtle way, and in so doing break the ice that obscured my lens.

Following that I explained my project, which has become a part of introducing myself. Pearce went on to shower my photos and writings with accolades, and I could only grin and bear the assault of compliments he had for me.

I want to somehow characterize the people we met today, but my mind is slipping toward sleep, and these words will only become wispier with each passing minute. Valle showed us his new black widow, who moves in a fluid and eerie way and was just beginning to weave her web. Kari was sweet, and so happy to see everyone even with the post-graduation shift taking place in her and Valle’s lives. Her friends, Johanna and Emily, are sharp-eyed people full of curiosity, wonderful to talk with on a sunny Saturday evening.

It’s picnic season now, so hopefully we will have more days like this soon.


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May 24, 2015 at 12:49 am

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