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War of the Day #2446

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War of the Day #2446

Chess has recently become the biggest sport at work, and throughout the day people will come sit here for quick ten-minute wars. They’ve even set up a ranking system online, and making your way to first place is something worth fighting for.

I haven’t gotten the hang of playing on a timer yet, and when the seconds are burning away I occasionally make these awful lapses in reasoning that leave my pieces far too vulnerable. I do like watching as a neutral third party, though, making ghost moves in my head and wondering if the others will find them as well.

Often when a game is over, both players will want to rewind a few moves and experiment in other timelines, searching for parallel universes where the battle might have swung differently. It’s a very engineery sort of thing to do, looking through different ways to solve a problem until all the possibilities have been exhausted.


Written by Umbrella Man

June 3, 2015 at 11:08 pm

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