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Blackout of the Day #2451

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Blackout of the Day #2451

Little failures in infrastructure, like a broken water heater or a power outage, still take me by surprise – civilization somehow does such a good job of maintaining itself for the most part.

The power went out tonight just as the sun was setting; I hadn’t yet turned on any lights, so I didn’t realize what had happened until a message from Laurel blipped onto my phone. Soon afterwards my cell signal vanished as well, so I was left to wait here as dark fell.

And just after I finished those words, the microwave and oven beeped, and suddenly I am awash in electric light. It’s more convenient, certainly, to have the power back, but I’m always a little disappointed when the lights return. It feels like a tiny adventure to have the power out, like camping, and I like having an excuse to sit and ponder things a little, illuminated only by the dimming light from outside.

Pearce arrived home in time to wonder why I was sitting here in the gloom. Our stove is electric, so we were forced to scrounge through the cupboard for anything immediately edible – I had quite a few leftover snacks from yesterday, but nothing that would constitute a respectable meal. Pearce went on to practice his singing in the dark while I watched the twilight filter through the tree outside.

Now that the power’s back, I’m going to eat something proper, and then slip away to bed early. I was entertaining some romantic idea of following the sun to sleep and waking with it – perhaps I can still recover that dream a little.

with the lights turned off

Written by Umbrella Man

June 8, 2015 at 10:22 pm

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