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Preview of the Day #2457

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Preview of the Day #2457

I keep imagining that changes in life will come gradually, a slow transition between one phase to another with plenty of time to reflect on the way, but it never happens like that. Pearce and I heard about our apartment and signed for it within the span of about a day; I learned about App Academy and applied soon after, switching tracks from my long-pursued neuroscience career to something different; I barely knew what my company was when I accepted my job offer; and now today we have another little turning point.

Here’s a somewhat obscure shot of the apartment Laurel and I will be moving into in two months. It’s split into two stories, and the two trees outside – one bearing loquats – are in arm’s reach of the bedroom balcony. It’s quiet and nicely lit, there’s plenty of room to stretch out, and little closets are hidden everywhere. Less than 24 hours passed between our discovering the apartment and our signing the documents, and so the plans are set.

Laurel was ecstatic, and could hardly contain herself as we went through all the formalities. I’m excited as well, though I can’t leave my current home without feeling a little sad. Tt’s unlikely I’ll ever live with Pearce again, and if he ends up moving to the city I won’t see him nearly as often as I do now, or have him as a climbing buddy.

But things must keep changing, and moving in with Laurel is part of growing together. We’re going to have a lovely home here; I’m looking forward to waking each morning with Laurel, Zinky, and the loquat tree.

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Written by Umbrella Man

June 15, 2015 at 12:54 am

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