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Canvas of the Day #2466

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Canvas of the Day #2466

This is PICO-8, a tiny virtual computer designed for building tiny games. It’s meant to embrace the technological restrictions that game developers faced back in the early console days, when colors were limited and every last bit of memory had to be carefully rationed. Working within those restrictions lead to a lot of clever and creative ideas, so here is a space to be part of that industrious spirit.

The computer runs in a 128-square pixel screen, and everything needed for development is included in it: a text editor, a pixel-art canvas, a map designer, and even tools to compose some crunchy multi-channel chiptunes. The whole thing is so clever and so nicely designed; complete game files are even magically saved to a .png image format, so anyone looking at the file can see a cute little preview of the game.

I didn’t build these particular sprites; they came bundled with the PICO-8 as part of a demo game. I liked the pink-haired girl, though, a tiny version of Laurel who runs around in a colorful pixel land.

There are many things I want to build, in many different mediums, but this is something that I could collaborate in with Laurel and perhaps Pearce; maybe we can make some time for it.


Written by Umbrella Man

June 24, 2015 at 12:45 am

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