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Chop of the Day #2477

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Chop of the Day #2477

Mitch proved his mettle again today, carrying on the tradition of splitting a watermelon with a single top for this year’s Slaughtermelon. He performed in front of a bigger audience today, and with a total of five watermelons prepared for the slaughter, a lot of new people got to take a swing at it.

I made an attempt as well – my first time in these three years of the tradition. I managed to split the fruit in three swings, and might not have been able to manage a fourth if the watermelon hadn’t finally given in. Tonight I carry a small scar on my forearm from the encounter, and my hand still aches a bit from the first swing, but so much the better; I have come away with physical proof of the challenge I met.

The fifth and final watermelon was the toughest we’ve seen yet; hardened in the freezer, it took Mitch four chops to break open, parrying his attacks in the greatest battle I’ve ever witnessed between man and melon.

The chopped fruit was eaten or drunk as the party went on. A few apples met a brutal fate today, as well, but we’ve yet to see anyone attempt this with a durian.

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Written by Umbrella Man

July 5, 2015 at 1:40 am

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