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Nest of the Day #2481

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Nest of the Day #2481

We had another lunchtime meeting today, this time on the roof of Laurel’s office. It’s the sort of place you’d expect from a fancy startup space – black stone, manicured gardens, snazzy outdoor furniture. A hesitant rain was drifting in, so we had the roof almost entirely to ourselves, and Pearce managed to bring a few of his own coworkers to the party.

I work in the financial district, where nearly every building aspires to be a monumental skyscraper. Laurel’s workplace is a bit further out, where the skyline is starting to taper away, but when you step outside you can still see the teeth of the city rising up.

These peculiar seats are almost big enough for two people, and almost big enough to catnap in, but it would take a bit of work for either. Pearce is giving it his best shot here, and almost manages to look comfortable.

pairs of keys

Written by Umbrella Man

July 8, 2015 at 10:45 pm

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