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Inkling of the Day #2490

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Inkling of the Day #2490

Laurel and I are trading off fighting for the glory of Roller Coasters and Water Slides, respectively, in an in-game festival tonight. A loss for her team is technically a win for mine, but we have to cheer each other on anyway.

Both of us seem to be on a pretty good losing streak, so it seems to be balancing out. We’ve got junk food and each other here, and it’s been a good night.

Mom came by during the games to drop off a fold-up lightbox she found – a set of screens and lamps for isolating subjects in soft light. Our little hero here made a good test subject, ready to coat the world in artificially-flavored macaroni cheese sauce.

Pearce is here now, squeezing a few more bass lines into his neurons for tomorrow.

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Written by Umbrella Man

July 18, 2015 at 1:35 am

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