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Lunch of the Day #2493

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Lunch of the Day #2493

We’re allowed to take celebratory lunches now and then whenever we finish some substantial chunk of our projects. For a while we’ve neglected that privilege, but Danny finally got us motivated to organize a meal today.

This is the same restaurant we visited several months ago when Danny had just joined. The waiters here are sharply dressed, as are the businessfolk who all come here for their business talk; we were the only ones so terribly underdressed, but they served us delicious food all the same, and I had a view of the cybernetically enhanced palm trees outside instead of all the fancy people at the other tables.

It was just the three of us here – Danny, Xiao and myself. I like tiny lunch groups like this so much more; conversation is more cohesive and I get to be more of a part of it, rather than straining my ears to hear across the table over all the clatter.

The food was delicious. I’ve never had such good gnocchi – like savory marshmallows stuffed with dreams.

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July 20, 2015 at 11:18 pm

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