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Glow of the Day #2496

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Glow of the Day #2496

Work today was digging through code that certainly made sense to its composer, but is rather opaque to someone not intimately familiar with the rest of the code base. This is the ubiquitous tragedy of Legacy Code: developers will always move on to create other things, taking with them their vision for the machine they’ve built and leaving others to rediscover the original design philosophy. My task is to document the code and then make it better – an interesting puzzle in itself.

I was distracted when one of my teammates went to demonstrate the ludicrous luminance of his bike light comparing it to his pocket flashlight. Another coworker played with the converging shadows thrown by the two lights, trying to make the two ghosts of his hand reach out to each other. I took a photo because I was drawn to the color like some flittering moth, but I didn’t ask my coworkers to compose something for me. Looking from here, it was a little bit of a missed opportunity – it’s been a while since I had people fiddle with lights for a photo.

they say people never change

Written by Umbrella Man

July 23, 2015 at 11:25 pm

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