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Coach of the Day #2500

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Coach of the Day #2500

On my biweekly catchups with Sasha we walk down to the ferry building, talking about whatever happens to be on our minds at the time. Everyone at work has these little meetings with their assigned dev coach; the hope is to get sense of how everyone is getting what they need from work. I like that – it makes the relationship between company and worker seem like a fair exchange.

We usually talk about whatever happens to be on our minds; thoughts about the office are relatively sparse. Here in the ferry building, on the balcony above the crowd, I took a photo of the view, and we talked about how the most important photos to take on a trip are the ones that only you can take – shots of your family, the little things you do with the people you’re with. Photos of the sights and spectacles have been taken a thousand times already, and can be found on the Internet. Take photos, then, of what you really want to remember from the trip.

With that in mind, I took a photo of Sasha as we talked. The scenery can wait for a day when I”m on my own.

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Written by Umbrella Man

July 27, 2015 at 11:42 pm

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