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Dragon of the Day #2501

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Dragon of the Day #2501

We made this little monster for a Team Building Exercise this morning. This was our challenge: from teams of six, two would be chosen to study an example Lego dragon for two minutes. They then had to teach the rest of us how to build it.

Building Lego sets by example is hard even if you have the model right in front of you; working from memory of a few glimpses is nearly impossible. People tend to remember general impressions of an item’s shape, while Lego sets are so heavy on little details. We were told that the dragon had claws, wings, a spiked tail, fire coming from its mouth – things we were could likely have guessed. Those who had seen the true dragon were pressed to remember exactly how it had been assembled: which hinges joined the wings? were the teeth on the bottom or top of the jaw? what pieces shape the face?

Halfway through the challenge I was allowed to see the dragon, and while I had a good sense of what the head was supposed to look like, I couldn’t fathom how to actually piece it together. In the end we mashed the pieces together however they would fit, leaving our dragon with this peculiar tooth-mustache. Other teams had equally strange faces – some little more than gaping skulls, barely recognizable as heads – but just about every managed to build reasonable bodies for their dragons.

There is some lesson in psychology hidden here – there is a certain way that people build models in their heads, and the similarities and differences between everyone’s ideas about the dragon start to outline that thought process.

Whatever the moral, we now have a fleet of dragons guarding the office, which only makes things better.

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July 28, 2015 at 10:29 pm

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