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Lesson of the Day #2503

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Lesson of the Day #2503

After the band finished its practice session tonight, Laurel and I wandered back into the living room, and I seated myself at Pearce’s sleeping keyboard to plink out a few notes. Pearce came back in, settled onto the sofa and immediately started advising me on how to play, describing the keys without saying what song he was conducting. It was a fun experience, slightly like being told over the phone how to disarm a bomb, but with a sense of delight instead of relief whenever my motions suddenly resolved themselves into a recognizable song.

The ocarina songs from the Zelda games make good teaching tools. They were composed to be easily memorized and played on the Nintendo 64 controller, so they’re made from a limited palette of notes: starting from C, we have the first, third, fifth, sixth and the octave – and that’s it. Working them out slowly gives a nice sense of the relationships between notes, which always feels like a set of murmuring conversations whenever I tinker with an instrument.

We spent about forty minutes on this before I’d realized it, and Laurel was edging toward sleep. Whenever people teach me things I’m wary of drawing on their patience, and tonight I needed both Laurel and Pearce to bear with me.

This was fun, though – maybe I’ll actually be able to juggle both hands on the keys at once sometime.

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July 30, 2015 at 11:07 pm

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