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Field of the Day #2514

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Field of the Day #2914

On one of the larger traffic islands near the water, where skaters and trick bikers practice their magic, a collection of statues has appeared as if sprouted from the ground. They are hollow metal, just head and shoulders with squinting eyes, looking vaguely to the sky. Each is perhaps twelve feet tall, and their mouths are all hidden by metal plates with different patterns etched into them – seeds and flowers, waving strands of grain, tilled fields like this one here.

Nearby was a rusted cube with massive lines of braille embossed in it. On each side a pair of holes with chain curtains invited us to look inside, and in the hollow space I could see sets of the same statues, made miniature. I later learned that this was meant for blind observers to come explore the statues by touch, and now I want everything in the world to be made miniature so the blind can know their forms.

I’ve forgotten then name of the exhibit, which is a disservice to the artist, but seeing something like that appear in a familiar place without warning had a little sense of magic to it – like it was placed their by faeries, or like the statues had come on their own to commune with us.

cruella deville is coming

Written by Umbrella Man

August 10, 2015 at 11:31 pm

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