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Frontier of the Day #2522

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Frontier of the Day #2522

Zinky has slowly been acclimating to our new home, recovering from the stress of moving and yesterday’s earthquake. The stairs are his to patrol, and the front window is a feast of natural light for his wide eyes.

We have a back door that opens to a view of an open field full of dry grass and tiny flowers. This evening a little bird perched on the fence just outside our open door, crying out in little bursts, and Zinky was enraptured – his first good view of a bird, perhaps.

Though he’s been terrified of the outdoors before, he took two voluntary steps through the threshold today: front feet out, with his behind still indoors. Laurel encouraged him to step the rest of the way out, then brought him inside.

It’s good that his curiosity is recovering, but of course that means we will have to be more wary of him as he grows bolder.


Written by Umbrella Man

August 18, 2015 at 11:00 pm

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