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City of the Day #2521

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City of the Day #2521

Over the last two months Laurel and I have talked quite a bit about what we want our home to be. Today, with most of our boxes still unpacked, we set out to collect a few more pieces, most of which will go toward our fabled Library.

I’ve been to Ikea once or twice before, but that was long ago, and I’ve never the whole Ikea Experience. It’s kind of fascinating how much planning has gone into the customer flow there. The entrance is a one-way path – an up escalator with no downward partner – and from there they direct you through their entire armament, a winding hall of countless domestic microcosms. Once you’ve seen all their decorating ideas, you’re channeled into the food court, where everyone stops for a reprieve before charging in to the next phase of the experience.

You really need to dedicate an entire day to the trip when you go. I knew we would be there for quite a while, but wasn’t expecting it to be such a consuming consumer experience. Laurel likened the design of Ikea’s shopping flow to the elaborate planning that went into Disneyland’s construction, and she’s not wrong. It feels like being in another world while you’re there.

After seeing all the fancy arranged scenes on the showroom floor, we were finally let out into the warehouse, where all the idyllic pieces of homes are stacked nearly three stories high in nondescript cardboard boxes. If we were at Disneyland, this would be like stepping off Space Mountain and being ushered in to the maintenance tunnels under the ride.

Collecting our furniture was an ordeal in itself. Each box added to the cart increased its inertia until it became a great endeavor to turn any corner – a physical challenge to prove ourselves worthy of the riches.

Ikea furniture is not the highest quality stuff, of course, but it does what it needs to do, is light enough for us to carry around, and is cheap enough that we can afford to furnish our entire apartment. Tomorrow, hopefully, we can start putting things together – which I have always liked quite a bit, anyway.

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August 18, 2015 at 12:11 am

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