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Bed of the Day #2525

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Bed of the Day #2525

Our little bedroom is still bare: no bed frame, nothing on the walls, bags of clothes and stuffed animals jammed in the corners. This room is just for the bed; the rest of our lives will be in the other parts of the apartment, which will hopefully make for better sleep.

The apartment is set back from the street, which is quiet to begin with; few sounds make their way all the way to our room here. There’s no susurrus of traffic, no music or parties clinking just outside the window. The sounds that do reach us stand out from the silence: distant sirens, passing planes, the ubiquitous train-roars echoing from the west. In the last few nights, when I’ve been nine-tenths asleep, those trains have sounded so aggressive, pouring their mechanical frustration across the entire city.

In a few weeks this room will be much more settled – tidier, with a bigger bed and color on the walls. This shot of our cobbled-together room will be something worth looking back on when we’re done.

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Written by Umbrella Man

August 22, 2015 at 12:30 am

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