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Sign of the Day #2530

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Sign of the Day #2530

There is a world where the signmaker is an unfulfilled artist, given free reign of her domain but disappointed by the scope of her work. Every sign she creates – which is every sign the public needs, lining every road in the country – features these dejected faces. Children At Play, Road Work Ahead, Elderly Crossing, Wet Floor, Watch Your Head: hundreds of thousands of frowning stick figures playing out every facet of our lives, dejected.

The people in this world live out their lives much as we do, traveling to and fro, reasonably happy for the most part; but the tone there is a notch or two more melancholy than here, and the frowning signs have been around for so long that no one remembers it ever being different.

I wonder how much influence things like this can have on us.


Written by Umbrella Man

August 26, 2015 at 9:59 pm

Posted in found things, stories

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