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Creature of the Day #2534

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Creature of the Day #2534

This is one of many beautiful antlered creatures we saw at the San Diego zoo today, though I’ve already forgotten the names of most of those species. When I came close to the rail to take a photo, he stood and watched carefully, chewing on a leaf. It eventually slipped out of his mouth – you can see the yellow blur falling here. A moment later he picked it up and quickly trained his eyes on me again, though I couldn’t tell if he was scared or curious. Either way, this was the one moment at the zoo where I most connected with one of the creatures there.

We learn about animals many times as we grow up: giraffes are tall, lions are powerful, elephants are massive and wise. Seeing them in person, though, grounds these facts we learn in a way that we can’t possibly appreciate through books or nature documentaries. Giraffes are so tall! Condors have incredible wingspans! Pandas are, in fact, adorable!

I visit zoos only once every few years, but every time the animals become more real to me than they ever were before. It’s because of this power that zoos have – making wildlife a tangible reality instead of an abstract concept – that I love them, even if life in captivity isn’t ideal for the wonderful creatures that live there.

There are so many lines of thought I could follow from here. I hope someday we let the world be.

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August 31, 2015 at 12:41 am

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