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Unbundling of the Day #2539

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Our new bed arrived in a convenient little box outside our door today. It’s from a company with impressively prominent advertising – I see ads for it all over Bart, everywhere on the Internet, and Laurel heard about it from multiple people. Despite the ads it did look like a good bed, and sleeping soundly is worth the investment. Laurel released it from its vacuum-sealed wrappings for the camera, so here you can see it grow from a shriveled little flatworm into a healthy queen-size bed.

This bed is, incredibly, longer than I am tall, so for the first time in quite a while I will be able to sleep without my feet dangling off the edge of the bed. I am used to the world being too small for me; I hunch over the kitchen sink, crouch under the shower head, and curl up when I sleep in short beds. It feels like a rather grown-up thing to finally exert some influence on our home so I actually fit in it.

Laurel and I had to buy new linens for the bed, since our old ones – mine Twin, hers Full – were too small for this one. We walked through the aisles in two different stores, looking at bundles of comforters and thread-counted sheets, picking out colors to suit the room, and Laurel said it made her feel strangely grown up.

Tonight we are hoping to sleep well. I hope you dream softly, too – wherever it is you find yourself sleeping.


Written by Umbrella Man

September 4, 2015 at 11:16 pm

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  1. no link…?


    September 5, 2015 at 7:39 am

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