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Thumbs of the Day #2541

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Thumbs of the Day #2541

It’s been another of those days with so many parts that morning feels like it couldn’t possibly be the same day.

– Breakfast with Mom and Michaela to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Mom and Laurel are comparing thumbs here. Michaela and I got Mom some nice electronics for her birthday, but they’re really just small things. I wish we could do more for her.
– Laurel and I assembled the last piece of furniture for the Library, and celebrated with a nap. The sun sifted through our curtain, and the moment was perfect.
– Barbie came to visit. She and Laurel played a terrible Harry Potter game, and then a stale loaf of bread gave us a reason to drive out to the Marina to see the ducks.
– Laurel went off to make new friends at ladies’ comic book night. I stayed home and spent some quality time with Zinky, and Laurel came back happy and tired.


Written by Umbrella Man

September 7, 2015 at 2:03 am

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