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Cat of the Day #2543

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Cat of the Day #2543

Zinky’s been causing some trouble around the apartment lately. Our balcony serves as the graveyard for all the things he’s marked, drying with the scent of enzyme spray. He’s slowly acclimated to the idea of going outside, and when we won’t let him leave he runs around yowling in discontent, his tail quivering. Laurel’s been in a few little tussles with him, leaving neither of them happy.

The thing is to figure out how to make Zinky comfortable here, I suppose – the move was stressful, and our trip away made it worse. Laurel tried making him fresh salmon tonight, which he mostly ignored.

There are times when we get along very nicely with Zinky, but constantly worrying about him running into the night or ruining yet another piece of the apartment is weighing on us – especially since we’re still not completely settled in, and have so much clutter still scattered everywhere.

And we need to catch up on sleep. Heave, ho, on we go.

it’s always such a pleasure

Written by Umbrella Man

September 8, 2015 at 10:55 pm

Posted in animals, cats

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