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Stitch of the Day #2549

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Stitch of the Day #2549

Look how close my desk is to being functional: it’s built, it’s decorated, a few of the drawers are nicely sorted out, but in this state it’s still absolutely useless. Laurel’s work bench is like this, piled with boxes and bags of crafting minutiae. Most of the apartment is still like this, a few small steps away from ideal; we just need to push a little further to make the place home. Laurel says it’s like everything has been stitched together, but the seams still need to be pulled tight, and while we wait the stuffing is all ready to burst out.

It is easy to lose momentum once we’ve reached this point, when the place is technically livable. We still have our normal chores to keep up with – laundry, dishes, kitty litter – and when we arrive home from work it’s tempting to content ourselves with getting that done and spending the rest of the evening playing video games.

A little bit of nothing time does keep us from burning out, though.

Tomorrow we will get a little more done. On we go, inching towards home.


Written by Umbrella Man

September 15, 2015 at 12:10 am

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