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Photo of the Day #2563

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Photo of the Day #2563

While I was out helping Anton move yesterday, Zinky peed on two of the couch cushions, crossing a line he never had before. We’d trusted him to leave the couch alone, even after wetting the bed, the new chair, a towel and a bag full of laundry; he’d always been safe in the living room.

So Laurel arranged a vet appointment and I left work early to take him there, wondering if a urinary tract infection might be responsible for this behavior. He rested on the scale there very obediently, and only complained a little when the doctors pulled out their instruments to inspect him.

They didn’t find anything, but recommended a pheromone spray and some pills to help him with the stress from our move to the new apartment.

When we got home I sprayed the spray in the living room, and when Laurel arrived we gave the couch cushions a second treatment with the anti-stink enzyme spray. The room smelled of urine and pheromone and chemistry, so we opened the doors and windows, which let in the smoke from a neighbor’s barbecue. There was nowhere for us to sit together, so we spent the evening at our separate desks working on our own things.

Tonight, just moments after Laurel had been playing with Zinky, he wandered over to the couch – now exposed, since the cushions needed airing out – and left another puddle in it. We hadn’t had time to recover from the last incident; it felt like having a sandcastle kicked down halfway through repairs.

I wish we could communicate with him.

The way things are going, Zinky is making our place unlivable. He’s such a sweet cat most of the time, but we can’t keep covering the entire apartment in chemical sprays and hiding in our room.

Perhaps this isn’t the best home for him. I wonder if we can find someplace better.


Written by Umbrella Man

September 28, 2015 at 11:48 pm

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