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Stage of the Day #2567

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Stage of the Day #2567

Here’s Anton and Pearce, sitting on our injured couch and trying to get through one of my Super Mario Maker stages.

Level design is a surprisingly difficult art, and the process of building something fun and interesting takes a lot of thought and iteration, building ideas and scrapping them for new ones. It’s not a skill I”m ever going to master, but it’s fun to dabble in with this game. Creating a good level requires placing yourself in another’s mental state; players will know nothing about what thought went into your design, so you have to build it in a way such that it teaches them as they go.

That is to say: it’s very interesting to watch people play levels I make, since they will miss things I thought were obvious, make mistakes I didn’t expect, take shortcuts that I thought were impossible; my mind creates a shape and theirs digests it by an entirely different process, and the discrepancy is so fascinating.

This particular level, though, was maybe a little cruel. Anton fell off the angry caterpillar onto the spikes below many times before giving up, and that’s entirely my fault. There’s plenty to learn here, as in all things.

the great wiggler robbery

Written by Umbrella Man

October 3, 2015 at 1:06 am

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