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Landing of the Day #2572

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Landing of the Day #2572

The seagull’s participation in this photo was a lucky accident, but I wish I’d waited just a fraction of a second longer to close the shutter; she deserves a more significant place in the frame. She and other seagulls landed on the rails by John and me as we ate lunch, their beaks dripping with seawater, as if they’d been hunting for fish instead of foraging for stray french fries.

What did seagulls eat before humans started leaving their food everywhere?

The gulls weren’t the only birds out at the wharf today, either. A few fearless pigeons ambled around the edge, looking for snacks with a somewhat more gawk-eyed expression than the seagulls. One crow showed up, a stark shadow next to the other birds, and a tiny singing bird appeared by our feet as well. I am used to seeing all these different species in their own niches, giving the place a particular flavor; there must have been an avian conference somewhere nearby.

This is such an “almost” photo – maybe I’ll get that perfect shot someday.

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Written by Umbrella Man

October 7, 2015 at 10:56 pm

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