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Goodbye of the Day #2577

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Goodbye of the Day #2577

We gave up Zinky today. We’ve been trying to work out his litter problem for several weeks now, and weren’t able to make any progress; it eventually became too much a source of anxiety for us to keep going.

This has made both of us so sad. Zinky is such a sweet cat, and has made Laurel so happy over the past ten months, and it seemed that she made him just as happy. It just became too stressful to keep raising him, and with the apartment in constant disarray we hardly had any time or space to connect with him any more.

Laurel couldn’t bear to take him to the humane society herself, so I took the responsibility instead. He had the morning to enjoy the fresh air on the balcony, and I stood by him for a few minutes while he watched the birds in the trees.

He likes fallen leaves, and would often carry them in from the balcony like little found treasures.

With a bundle of cat supplies and a letter from Laurel, I called a car to bring Zinky back. Once we arrived, I couldn’t hold myself together enough to give Zinky a proper goodbye; our time on the balcony would have to serve.

It’s nice to think that there’s some perfect solution to every problem, but of course there are many situations where this isn’t the case. We couldn’t keep Zinky; we couldn’t bear to let him go. I have to believe that this is the best thing we could have done – that he’ll find a good home, with a kind family present and patient enough to train him, and a safe space to roam outdoors. Laurel and I will be able to finish our own home, which still doesn’t feel quite settled, even though we’ve been here for nearly two months. We’ll be able to visit Laurel’s family, and perhaps take long trips abroad, without worrying about leaving him alone here.

I’m so tired. Hopefully we’ll all feel better in the morning.


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October 13, 2015 at 12:47 am

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