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Pink of the Day #2580

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Pink of the Day #2580

The air was finally October-flavored this evening, with hints of smoke and rain and decaying leaves. I kept wanting to stop and find something to photograph, but felt I had to keep moving because my groceries were thawing and Laurel was waiting at home and there was just oh so much to do.

When I cleared the park I found that the sky was colored sweetly, the sun a slice of butter melting on the horizon. A girl standing at the crosswalk had taken out her phone to capture the moment, even though cameras never get it right, and I felt that I should have been doing the same.

As I kept walking, most of that delicious sky was hidden by the neighborhood. I noticed a good climbing tree, considered climbing it to get a better view of the color, and decided that I didn’t have time.

But if I cannot spare a few seconds on the way home to climb a tree I have taken my life in the wrong direction, so I realized my error and went back to see the sky. It was lovely, of course, and my camera couldn’t quite appreciate it, of course, but all the same it was worth it to put my palms against crumbling bark again.


Written by Umbrella Man

October 15, 2015 at 11:53 pm

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