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Ghosts of the Day #2579

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Ghosts of the Day #2579

More spooky bits have materialized in our home: chocolate eyeballs, piles of spiders, bats to dangle from the ceiling, two different pillows to stare at you from the corners of the sofa. Some are from a care package from Laurel’s parents, and some Laurel picked out herself. I’m not sure which this blanket falls under, but it has what might be an accidental optical illusion. The ghosts are meant to be cute, smiling with monochrome blush. Seen from the other side, though, the brain still parses them as faces – but this time they are crying, their eyes hollow pits dripping dark tears.

Both of these faces are easy to see; with a little effort, you can turn them into creepier four-eyed ghosts, or make the mouth into a nose, but other interpretations come much more easily. Laurel prefers the happy faces, of course – who wants an afterlife filled with tears and monsters?

lullaby set

Written by Umbrella Man

October 15, 2015 at 12:33 am

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