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Monster of the Day #2581

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Monster of the Day #2581

Mack and Emily still possess the ability to combine into a single rampaging monster. I managed to get this shot shortly before losing custody of my revolver, and once they took hold of it I was executed on the spot. Let this photo be my final testament to the horrors of nerf war.

This particular gathering was in part for Emily’s twenty-fifth birthday, and she managed to pull together a rather tremendous group of friends. Once the sun fell, Laurel and I invited everyone into our place, where even more friends joined us.

Emily is quick to put herself down, but she has a lot of friends who recognize how wonderful she is and are happy to show how much they appreciate her.

Everyone’s gone home now. Laurel’s asleep, and the apartment is in quiet disarray. I’ve been staring at this sentence for a few minutes now, wondering how to end it, but we should all be sleeping. It has been a good day, it was was lovely to see people, and further adventures should come soon.

I won’t say it at all

Written by Umbrella Man

October 17, 2015 at 1:22 am

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