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Encounter of the Day #2585

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Encounter of the Day #2585

I to a Bart station I rarely use today and, by chance, found myself standing in line behind Cordelia, whom I met with a few times two years ago. She didn’t notice me at first, and I wasn’t quite sure whether to say hello, but a moment later I caught her eye and we talked on the train back to the east bay.

Cordelia’s a programmer, but has more creative tendencies than a lot of the people in our field, and has been tired of the growing culture of privilege that suffuses the San Francisco tech bubble. We have similar thoughts on the subject, I think; doing the work we do here, it’s hard not to feel responsible for the cultural and economic crises that the Bay Area is dealing with these days.

We are all just trying to figure out how to be humans, of course.

We talked about video games and work and the Jelly Belly Factory, and then Cordelia disembarked to work on her comics. We left it at that – perhaps we’ll run into each other again in another year or two, having found new ways to make the world the place it deserves to be.

by the sea

Written by Umbrella Man

October 20, 2015 at 11:03 pm

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