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Spirit of the Day #2587

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Spirit of the Day #2587

We put food in the freezer because in sub-zero temperatures, microbial proteins don’t work very well; they’re sluggish, toothless, so if they manage to survive at all they won’t get to eat our food before we do.

Frozen food will still get restless, though. Left in the cold for long enough, the spirits of your green beans will give up on their mortal coil and try to escape, seeping out through stomata or whatever other portals they can find. When they leave, however, the harshness of the freezer greets them in full force, and there they are trapped forever – crystalline fields frozen to the surface of your neglected vegetables.

We do our best to eat our vegetables before their souls escape, but sometimes time does elude us. At least those crystal veins make for a lovely spectacle to careful observers.


Written by Umbrella Man

October 23, 2015 at 12:07 am

Posted in food, small things

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