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Headquarters of the Day #2592

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Headquarters of the Day #2592

When Laurel started her first job out of college, this was the office for her tiny company. They rented out a space in a big office building for a while, then eventually came back here.

The little startup hasn’t been able to meet their next funding goal, though, so they’re downsizing to just the three cofounders. Today was Laurel’s last day on the job; I joined them for their goodbye dinner, then followed Laurel here so she could pick up her coat.

Laurel’s coworkers are good people, and her boss has been very helpful finding her new places to work. She has a lot of connections to follow up on, so she’ll probably be able to find a good job fairly quickly. She knows her business – someone will see that soon.

I wonder if we’ll see her old coworkers again someday – they’ve always been full of interesting conversation whenever I’ve seen them.

I will crush you with my bones

Written by Umbrella Man

October 27, 2015 at 10:32 pm

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