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Bound of the Day #2603

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Bound of the Day #2603

And while we are on the subject of dream homes and white picket fences: Jeff and his brother are just about done fixing up the house they bought a year and a half ago, and hosted a party today to show off the work they’ve done. Jeff’s brother is a mad man, building bookshelves and overhauling the backyard and lugging five hundred pound stone slabs into place, raising gardens and bridges, painting colorful abstracts – all while working as a lawyer for the US Department of Justice. His productivity is inhuman, but it’s certainly paid off.

Their dog Moose loves the backyard, and insisted that the guests throw his slimy tennis ball across the creek so he could run down, leap across, retrieve it and return for another go. I tried to receive the ball while handling my camera, and Moose kept dashing through the narrow line of focus I’d set up.

I wonder what Jeff and his brother will do now that this massive project is finished. They might have to just tear down the whole house and start again – what do you do when there’s nothing to work on?

battle’s end

Written by Umbrella Man

November 7, 2015 at 11:57 pm

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