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Rink of the Day #2606

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Rink of the Day #2606

One of my coworkers is pretty into ice skating, and invited everyone to come skate at the rink over lunch this afternoon. I didn’t realize there was an open-air rink at all; its artificial chill stands rather stark against the line of palm trees across the street. To be fair, neither palm tree nor ice are really native to San Francisco, so they’re meeting here on equal grounds.

Over the hour or so that we skated, I worked out, roughly, how to skate backwards in hockey skates. I don’t have it down smoothly yet, and there were many moments when I lurched forwards and nearly fell flat on the ice, but I never quite hit the ground and I definitely improved in the short time I had to practice.

It occurred to me that it’s been quite a while since I’ve really learned any new physical skill. I don’t spend much time on things that are difficult for me, which is something I should change; the gradual process of letting your body familiarize itself with a new task, improving without a conscious understanding of why, is an incredible feeling.

Besides our resident pro skater, only two other coworkers came along to skate today. The rink was empty save for one talented skater who spun about in the center of the ice. It was fun to have it to ourselves, but why aren’t more people interested in going?

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November 11, 2015 at 12:10 am

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