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Fungi of the Day #2608

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Fungi of the Day #2608

I saw a movie with some coworkers at the Kabuki theater, and when we stepped out we had a long trek back to the Bart station. It was rather late already, but we passed some interesting windows on the way: an unlabeled building full of cars from throughout the last century, all shining like new; a shop full of identical, immaculately polished pianos; a cooking school where the students all sat at the tables, enjoying the meals they’d crafted.

At one moment I glanced back to see these mushrooms growing in the concrete. City life is tough, of course, so this species has evolved a cap composed of iron. It keeps them thriving through storms and crowds – just be careful not to stub your toe.

ff7 fight

Written by Umbrella Man

November 12, 2015 at 11:56 pm

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