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Trolley of the Day # 2611

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Trolley of the Day #2611

Today we went out on the incredibly domestic quest to replace our burnt-out microwave. We’ve gone shopping for household goods together before, but that was to build out our home together as a whole, which was something new and exciting; hunting down a single appliance in particular makes it feel like we’re a part of the American couple archetype now, which is a little peculiar.

While we were out at the store that didn’t have any good microwaves, Laurel decided to hop into the shopping cart with her Icee and ride around a while. It was more fun for me than an empty cart would have been, and certainly more for her; the steady rolling texture of the cart wheels against the linoleum must spark some old memories of trips to the grocery store with her parents.

Laurel said some of the customers were giving us dirty looks as we went around the store, but I didn’t notice any. I always miss that sort of social discomfort, which is probably a blessing.

We have our new machine and a few other little things for the house, and we just about met our goals for the day. Laurel is sleeping; I should be too.

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Written by Umbrella Man

November 15, 2015 at 11:26 pm

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