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Photo of the Day #2506

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Photo of the Day #2506

The way things are now, Laurel and I often spend half the day at her apartment and half at mine, using the split household as an excuse to go outside for a bit when we’re feeling otherwise lazy. The walk to my place this afternoon was breezy and warm, and the trees whispered to us the whole way. On the way back to Laurel’s tonight, the wind had settled down and left the world cooler, and we walked beneath silent trees that caught the stark streetlight in their eerie ways.

I love them like this. They are almost like parchment, with messages written in their bark and in their silhouettes, and the leaves are crowding in to read their stories.

celestial soda pop

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August 2, 2015 at 10:05 pm

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Photo of the Day #2489

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Photo of the Day #2489

The evening didn’t go as we would have liked, but the trees are still out there, catching the wind and standing against the nightlit clouds in their weepy way. Laurel is sleeping at my place on a mountain of mattresses, which is unusual for us, but we may sleep well after all.

Good night, and take care of yourself.

dreaming of my baby

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July 17, 2015 at 12:05 am

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Layers of the Day #2487

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Layers of the Day #2487

When I stopped to consider these branches for a photo, their needles melded together to become broad leaves, and I was a tiny insect looking up from the soil. It was the sort of change in scale that so often I wish I could really see – small things turned into worlds. Looking up with my own eyes, just a person on the street, doesn’t quite capture the illusion, since my vision stretches out into the sky and the electric wires and the rest of the neighborhood; restricting the world to a rectangle with my camera made me smaller.

Just a reminder to myself – I can see things differently when I look at them through my camera.


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July 14, 2015 at 11:35 pm

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Heights of the Day #2450

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Heights of the Day #2450

I called people together for another birthday picnic under this tree today. Laurel and Pearce helped lay the foundations of the party, and Valle was one of the first to arrive; he and Pearce stayed up in the branches for quite a while while other friends slowly materialized. Throughout the afternoon this tree lent us its leaves for shade, its branches for climbing, and its trunk to anchor our slack line. While I was chatting with a few people, I saw some friends had rigged up the loose slackline as a makeshift pulley, seating themselves in a loop and slowly pulling themselves up to the first branch, and because I hadn’t been part of devising that climbing strategy it seemed like such a lovely human moment: Lateral thinking! Tool use! For no reason other than to be able to grab that first branch!

Last year I had several friends come as well, but they had from from different social circles and largely kept to themselves. There were even more backgrounds here this time: friends from high school, Pearce from UCSC, Dan from the lab at UC Berkeley, John from App Academy, climbers from Bridges and their own friends, Laurel who I met through Hannah and Kendra who I met through Mitch and Leyla who I met through Anton (none of these bridge-friends could make it today, sadly). What’s more, all these friends from different circles actually mingled together and shared bits of their lives with each other, which was really wonderful to see.

People are asking me if it feels different to be older. I just hope I get to keep having days like this.

such a long time ago

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June 8, 2015 at 12:29 am

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Years of the Day #2299

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Years of the Day #2299

The weeks after Christmas are a strange season. All the bare trees splayed out on street curbs, left in front of houses like offerings to the Angel of Death, make for a somewhat eerie postlude to the holidays.

Christmas trees are bought cheaply, loved briefly, then discarded, but they are trees like any other, so their history is recorded in their rings, hidden until they are left out with the recycling. This tree waited several years for its season to come – one hopes that it was dressed up beautifully, and that the holiday was everything it wanted it to be.

scales and metronome

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January 7, 2015 at 10:24 pm

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Glow of the Day #2204

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Glow of the Day #2204

Today was a lazy day – the first I’ve had in quite a while, now. It’s good to savor doing a bit of nothing when you’ve been busy.

I played a game with Mitch and Lee, and napped with Laurel, and played some Smash, and didn’t dream too much about code.

The night out was lovely, that late-summer feeling – autumn hasn’t yet claimed the climate.

what was it you were going to say

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October 5, 2014 at 12:50 am

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Scales of the Day #2190

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Scales of the Day #2190

Laurel and her dad stopped by for a few minutes this afternoon, but aside from their brief visit I spent the day entirely alone, bent over my laptop and squishing my brain against code until it finally did what I hoped it would.

Banishing the most meddlesome bugs left me burned out, and I idled for too long before decided to finally step out for some fresh air. I haven’t had time for even that, lately; it feels strange to just amble on the street with no particular goal.

This tree stands in the glow of a lamppost we once risked toppling for the sake of a convoluted slackline setup. In this light the leaves are stripped down to three flat tones, and they suggest that slight uncertainty of reality that you find in dreams sometimes – when things feel just a little off, and you start to doubt that the world is really what it says it is.

So much to do tomorrow, and so much sleep to recoup.

the trees were mistaken

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September 20, 2014 at 11:26 pm

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