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Peek of the Day #2468

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Peek of the Day #2468

My macro lens’s shallow depth of field blurs the closest wings of this dandelion until they are almost invisible, letting us see the core before a wish has even been made. Look at the seeds nestled into the hidden green of the dandelion, ready to launch, standing tall in every direction like a crowd on a tiny planet.

The feathery strands still in focus here look like eyelashes; they must be related, of course, which is why we make wishes on both of them.

We walked to Laurel’s from my apartment this evening, and I hadn’t found a photo yet. She encouraged me to actually take out my camera and look for something while we walked, and it was nice to take a few moments to look closely at the little growing things along our path.

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June 25, 2015 at 11:51 pm

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