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Transfer of the Day #2341

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Transfer of the Day #2341

It was fortunate that today was a work-from-home day, since it happened to be the same day a new game system arrived at my door. It’s a rare special edition sort of thing, and I spent an inordinate amount of effort trying to get ahold of one – half because it’s themed after one of my very favorite games, and half because I wanted to play the weird capitalist race-for-the-shiny-collectible-thing game that certain people get so ravenous about. Having succeeded in this particular event, I think I’ll retire with an unbroken record; it’s better not to get too worked up over the things I can and can’t buy.

So while I untangled a few knots of code, some tiny pikmin transferred my games from my old 3DS to the new one. This is the progress screen: it actually shows the little plant creatures picking up bundles of data and carrying it across the border between systems, chanting and cheering and occasionally falling down. Little details like this are what make Nintendo so charming; while just about every other loading screen would give you a simple progress bar, someone actually took the time to build out these procedural animations. Not many people will see this, and the few who do will only see it once, but it’s nice to see bits of Nintendo’s fantastical worlds permeate even the more dreary aspects of their software.

I only had time to play for an hour or so tonight, but it’s nice to be saving the world again.

moon’s tear

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February 19, 2015 at 12:45 am

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Filter of the Day #1660

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Filter of the Day #1660

While we took the bus to Lee’s today, Mitch set to polishing his fox tooth and I began fiddling with my 3DS. It has an odd shooting mode I’d forgotten about: you shoot blind, seeing nothing but the location of your subject’s face (given by a little smiley), and a random filter is magically applied to the photo. For this shot the 3DS put on a hard-boiled facade; you can feel the grit of the world and the somber narrative hanging in the air.

I make it a rule not to do any post-processing on my photos, but I’ve used odd shots like these several times before. I don’t think I’ve ever explained the distinction:

Postprocessing, for the sake of this project, feels like altering a memory after the fact – changing it to what I wanted it to be, obscuring how the moment really was. It’s a little dishonest, somehow, defining a memory with something I didn’t experience, even if I’m only adjusting contrast and saturation, so I prefer to leave photos as they are – even if they came out a little dull.

With photos like this, though, or any other unusual filter, the shot still feels like a legitimate memory, because in the moment I was using the camera itself as a means of perceiving things. The machine’s eye is my own, lets me attend to different visual aspects of a scene, and that manipulated perspective is tied to the experience.

These rules of mine are a bit silly and I imagine that every one of them will be bent or broken at some point or another. I make a point to not appear in my photos here, but look close and you may sometimes catch me.

celestial soda pop

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April 9, 2013 at 3:25 am

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Photos of the Day #1188

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At the end of the night I realized that I had only taken photos with my 3DS, and I had the option of either taking another photo right before bed or using a low-res shot from the game machine. I opted for the latter; it seems more honest, and does a better job of representing the day. It’s also, technically, two photos, taken in a binocular fashion. What you probably see here is just one eye’s view, but with the right device you can see it in illusory 3D.

I had a bit of a headache from the cross-eyed vision my 3DS imposed upon me when its lenses disagreed, but it’s worth it for the feel of gadgetry.

on Christmas day in the morning

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December 24, 2011 at 1:50 am

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Reality of the Day #917

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Today’s picture is a bit different than usual, both in size and in content, but I had to do one like this at least once. It seems that cameras are now a requisite for any new gadget, and so I have in my possession quite a few now: two digital point-and-shoots, a digital SLR, a film SLR, my cell phone, my computer, a pair of binoculars and now my 3DS, which contains three (dinky) cameras. Two of them face the same direction, allowing for 3D photography, and if I can figure out how to carry those images to my computer, they’ll end up here eventually.

So here is another feature of the new cameras – the ability to peer into alternate realities and meld them with your own, a technology called Augmented Reality. Now I have a pet bulbear in my room, who rests on my bookcase and spends his time chewing on a kitten, and when I brought three pikmin (the yellow, red and blue creatures) into this world, he turned his hungry eyes on them. They would have been devoured very quickly if not for the aid of Samus Aran, who is quite used to battling monsters several times her size.

This photo really skirts the line between legitimate photograph and photomanipulation, but I’m going to say this is fair game because what you see here is what I saw through the camera, and I just really really like playing with new gadgets. Tomorrow will host a normal photo, I promise.

face raiders

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March 27, 2011 at 11:56 pm

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