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End of the Day #626

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My first year here is over. Somehow, simultaneously, it seemed to pass in an instant, and to stretch on forever; weeks pass without my realizing, and at a backward glance they seem distant.

I won’t be living here next year, and I won’t be living with these people. This particular home, and my roommates, make up this one chapter of my life, nine months in which I’ve, so slightly, turned into someone else. I will be glad to see my friends at home again, and I am ecstatic that I will finally get to see Emily, but I’m sad to leave this place behind, and I’m going to miss my roommates – though I’ll certainly see them again.

I want to tell myself nine months ago how much I’ll miss it here, so I’ll take extra care to enjoy it. The best I can do is tell that to myself now – next year will be beautiful as well.

Rob and Alex are the only ones here, so I couldn’t get a photo of everyone together. The best I can do is share Alex’s drawing of our Dog House.

We should all just live in a gigantic flying castle together, and sail over the effervescent sea, riding on the breaths of burst bubbles and crafting music as we go.

I’m up in the woods, I’m down on my mind

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June 10, 2010 at 2:00 am

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Bite of the Day #624

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It may look a little rough, but this is an affectionate gesture – Alex made it quite clear that she likes Rob’s head, and rolled it about like a ball of dough as Rob attempted to eat his yogurt and cottage cheese. And Rob’s response, continuing on with his food, is just as affectionate; it’s a sign of how comfortable he is with Alex that he can attempt a huge bite while she ruffles his hair like that. They’re adorable together, and I’ve been fortunate enough to see, over the course of the year, as they grew closer. They were a lot more reserved about displays of affection before – at least when anyone was around – but I suppose it was too much to hide, eventually, and so we see silly little gestures like this that show what they mean to each other.

Alex has recently overcome her shyness and started singing with Rob at shows. I haven’t seen them perform, sadly, but it still makes me happy. They’re very good together. I’d like to see Pearce and Brittany perform together – and then I’ll have to learn fiddle, and play along with Emily. . .

We’re at the end of the year now, and all of my roommates here – Rob, Devin, Pearce, and Sal – are coupled up. It’s endearing, and I love to see them happy – it makes me look forward to seeing Emily. I’ll ruffle her hair as she reads over breakfast, and the morning will be slow and sleepy.

static grate

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June 8, 2010 at 1:34 am

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Cake of the Day #619

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We had no candles, so instead used wooden skewers. They didn’t burn down like waxed candles, preferring instead to reduce their flame to breath-proof embers, but they still served their symbolic purpose.

This is Alex, Rob, Michael and Anna singing to me here, just before we enjoyed the Red Velvet Cake that Michael brought for me. Anna and I made banana bread as well, and that may be my breakfast tomorrow. Pearce and Brittany made me an awesome birthday card, which you can see here, and Brittany brought me some cherries – my favorite. Lisa came to Chemistry this morning with a silver balloon and a giant bag of Skittles, which have recently reappeared in my life after I discovered they no longer contain gelatin. Strangers wished me happy birthday as I carted the balloon around, and when I used my ID card to buy food the cashiers wished me happy birthday as well. People are so nice!

Mom asked me how it feels to be 21, and while I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday, I’m certainly not the same person I was a year ago. Changes come slowly and subtly, but once you look back you can see the accumulation of every moment and every thought, built up like layers of a cake to create another Me on top of the old one.

In that sense, I am the newest and youngest I have ever been, and everything I have been in the past is old.

It would be such an interesting thing to meet myself just a short time ago, and see what I think of how I changed. The details of it are hard to describe, but I can feel them – like my little internal camera has shifted focus, and runs on a different motor.

Life goes on, and it is beautiful! I can’t wait to see what color next year turns out to be.

and I slowly, and so softly, I do the dishes, I feed the fishes

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June 2, 2010 at 11:54 pm

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Dab of the Day #579

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Here Rob reaches desperately for a dab of chocolate brownie batter which Alex has so playfully placed on the tip of his nose. It was an impossible task, but he put forth a valiant effort nonetheless.

Our evening was certainly sugar-saturated; prior to the brownie incident Lisa and I had made lemon shortbread cookies, complete with homemade icing sweet enough to slow down time.

I very much prefer these sorts of evenings to the silent, empty ones which have been so common lately. It’s good to be with people, to let our minds free to swim about and impress their shapes upon one another.

I can’t believe it’s already this late! I am throwing my dreams and mornings into a typhoon, and watching them explode and scatter across the breadth of time under the pressures of such chaos. To bed, to bed!

click, click

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April 24, 2010 at 3:30 am

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Sky of the Day #533

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I ran into Alex and her friend Vic in the dining hall today, and listened silently for most of the meal while they discussed politics and gender issues. While these things are interesting to me, I find I have very little to contribute to them in conversation. I was worried Vic might find my muteness off-putting, so when the conversation shifted to multiple personalities and split-brain patients I was rather relieved to finally have something to say.

Alex and I walked about for a bit after lunch, and the clouds were moving so swiftly we could see their shadows race across the East Field – big, ominous creatures that engulfed their prey in an instant, then threw them back into sharp sunlight the next moment. Days with weather like this are very rare, and whenever they do occur I am tempted to flee the oncoming shadows as, as if the ground were collapsing behind me.

In this photo Alex is returning from an attempt to find the squirrels, who had just whiffled through the grass in great numbers a few seconds prior. A shimmering black crow had actually chased one of the squirrels into the brush, and Alex and I wondered about it for some time – crows, as far as I know, are more inclined toward scavenging than hunting, and I imagine a squirrel would be too large for what is not really considered a bird of prey. We decided that the squirrels must have insulted the crow, or thwacked it in the back of its head with an acorn, and the black bird had subsequently sought revenge.

Of all the swift-clouded days I have seen, though, this one was the most peculiar – it rained intermittently throughout the morning, and as I arrived home at the end of the day it suddenly started to hail. It wasn’t even particularly cold; there must have been some frostbitten cloud a mile above us, and as it shivered little shards of it broke off. Note that the sun is still shining bright here; our sky was a brilliant combination of antipodes the likes of which I have never experienced before, and which I may never see again. What a spectacle, to see Trevor holding catching hail with hands soaked in sunlight! What a fickle day we had, with so many different flavors of clouds!

I do hope I can enjoy another weather-medley someday.

cry of the chasmal critter chain

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March 9, 2010 at 2:00 am

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Grip of the Day #477

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Here is Alex, fully engrossed in The Shining – you can see her hands gripping one another, a sort of unconscious attempt at comfort. It was her first time watching it, and Trevor’s first time seeing it in one piece; the rest of us had seen it before, but I still managed to be discomfited by it. I saw it several years ago, and I think I probably wasn’t able to pay proper attention to it, or it didn’t hold my interest, but this time I was able to follow it and it really is a very gripping movie. Each character – the father, the wife, the son and the cook – has such intense expressions at times, and I imagine the actors really had to submerge themselves in the story.

The opening scene, with the drive over the mountain road, makes the place look absolutely beautiful, and the idea of living in a huge hotel like that for a few months actually seems kind of appealing, if you don’t need to deal with the insanity and homicidal mania that arises under the influence of certain forces. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few friends in the snowy mountains, with a mansion big enough to build forts and obstacle courses, with libraries and game rooms and fireplaces to read by? I’d certainly consider living there for a while if I were given the opportunity – you can trust me not to go insane, I swear. That’s not like me.

That’s what Jack said, too, isn’t it?

year of the boar

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January 12, 2010 at 2:29 am

Guide of the Day #425

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Pearce’s magical flying hand is guiding us all, delivering to each of us a sixth of his melodic incantation and training us in its use. It takes a certain kind of talent to collect people unfamiliar with the piano and turn them into a small band, and he’s doing a brilliant job at it. Here he’s training Alex in her part of his song, and though she’s never played piano before, she made some good progress in less than an hour. I took a few minutes to try my own part of the piece, and with a little luck we’ll be ready by Monday night for a rather interesting performance.

I stopped trying to teach myself piano some time ago, finding myself completely aimless in my practice sessions, but with Pearce around I may continue my training. I tinkered with the Clock Town theme, and after showing him the left-hand chords (three pairs of keys, repeated) he immediately expanded on the theme, exploding it into an elaborate sequence with both hands, and I followed along with the song’s melody, like a bouncing child running alongside a herd of elephants.

The piano has so many different voices hidden in it. Perhaps I will eventually be able to take advantage of this….

The Circle of Life – Muriel

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November 21, 2009 at 2:11 am

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