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Game of the Day #2613

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Xiao and Danny broke from work to play this old game, passed down through generations of school children: one person places their hands under the other’s, like so, and tries to pull their hands out and slap the top of their opponents hands before they react. If an attempted slap misses, the other person gets a turn to attack. It’s a game of reading your opponent and second-guessing yourself, and one of the many memes that somehow became ubiquitous before the growth of the Internet.

I took photos, hoping to catch one of the slaps, and the Googlebrain stitched together all those moments into a jittery motion. I rather like it, though – these two were so happy as they were playing this game.

corny as kansas in august

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November 17, 2015 at 11:47 pm

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Lunch of the Day #2493

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Lunch of the Day #2493

We’re allowed to take celebratory lunches now and then whenever we finish some substantial chunk of our projects. For a while we’ve neglected that privilege, but Danny finally got us motivated to organize a meal today.

This is the same restaurant we visited several months ago when Danny had just joined. The waiters here are sharply dressed, as are the businessfolk who all come here for their business talk; we were the only ones so terribly underdressed, but they served us delicious food all the same, and I had a view of the cybernetically enhanced palm trees outside instead of all the fancy people at the other tables.

It was just the three of us here – Danny, Xiao and myself. I like tiny lunch groups like this so much more; conversation is more cohesive and I get to be more of a part of it, rather than straining my ears to hear across the table over all the clatter.

The food was delicious. I’ve never had such good gnocchi – like savory marshmallows stuffed with dreams.

I could give you all the answers

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July 20, 2015 at 11:18 pm

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Dancers of the Day #263

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Two videos in a row! This is a rare thing.

Emily and I woke up today to find that Kathlyn, Danny and Laura were already up and baking cranberry scones, and after quickly changing out of our pajamas we ran to the dorm kitchen to join them.

All four of them are dancers, and will frequently break out into dance at the slightest inclination. Danny, especially, seems to dance all the time, to shared music or his own music or no music at all. When 99 Red Balloons was playing, he had a silly sort of choreography to go with the lyrics, standing tall as a soldier or opening his hand when the war machine “opens up one eager eye”.

Kathlyn drew in my Blue Book, and her work was brilliant.

Emily and I later went to Laura’s and made bunny macaroni and cheese, which went very well with the carrots.

This is Emily’s last night sleeping in the dorms. I guess it’s my last night here too, although I might end up going an actual quarter of Dorm Life once I start up at Santa Cruz.

It’s a fantastic thing to see friends suddenly break into dance while baking scones. It’s generally a rare sight, I think, yet here it could happen all the time.

The scones were delicious, by the way.

and I stumble on a daisy through concrete

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June 12, 2009 at 1:51 am

Picnic of the Day #224

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From left to right: Emily, Laura, Danny. Emily is working on her story, Laura is reading about women’s labor unions, and Danny is studying film editing. I had The Left Hand of Darkness with me, but I read Emily’s story instead.

Today was quiet and simple, and I was happy to see people and sit out in Laura’s yard with them. It feels a bit like back in high school, when we’d sit out at the park and eat lunch together, or meet by the Molecule and play Zombies. It’s fun, even if we’re just sitting around silently – it makes the day a great deal less lonely.

I’ll visit at least one more time later in May, and I’ll have another chance to see these people, and get a little hint of what college life might be like next year.

your feeling shoulders

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May 3, 2009 at 11:25 pm

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