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Monster of the Day #2581

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Monster of the Day #2581

Mack and Emily still possess the ability to combine into a single rampaging monster. I managed to get this shot shortly before losing custody of my revolver, and once they took hold of it I was executed on the spot. Let this photo be my final testament to the horrors of nerf war.

This particular gathering was in part for Emily’s twenty-fifth birthday, and she managed to pull together a rather tremendous group of friends. Once the sun fell, Laurel and I invited everyone into our place, where even more friends joined us.

Emily is quick to put herself down, but she has a lot of friends who recognize how wonderful she is and are happy to show how much they appreciate her.

Everyone’s gone home now. Laurel’s asleep, and the apartment is in quiet disarray. I’ve been staring at this sentence for a few minutes now, wondering how to end it, but we should all be sleeping. It has been a good day, it was was lovely to see people, and further adventures should come soon.

I won’t say it at all

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October 17, 2015 at 1:22 am

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Voice of the Day #2575

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Voice of the Day #2575

After this morning’s climbing session, Pearce, his brother Drew and I stopped by Emily’s to say hello. She’s living in a little trailer these days, and over the past few months she’s made it into a very Emily place, the walls painted with stars and nebulae, ghostly creatures hidden in the cosmos. The four of us talked and ate a pomegranate whose seeds were like glowing teeth, or vacuum tubes from an organic supercomputer.

When the brothers left, I stayed behind to listen to Emily’s cello practice. She said once that the cello felt like her real voice; it was nice to sit and hear it again.

Following that, we joined Laurel for comics and pizza and cartoons, and when Emily went off to dance, Laurel and I spent the rest of the evening playing the kind of game I would like to make.

A Saturday for all Saturdays to aspire to.

you should be the sea

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October 11, 2015 at 12:19 am

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Flip of the Day #2504

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Flip of the Day #2504

I went to meet Emily after work today and found her in gothic disguise, her hair in waves of blue and black. We clambered over these old bars, some of which Kate painted some time ago, and talked about life and the things in it – some simple, some less so. Aside from a short visit last weekend it’s been a long time since we’ve spent any time together; but more than that, it felt like we were able to talk more than we did at perhaps any time before.

For the most part I have been habitually taciturn, and through college and high school I often made up for this with online chats. In person I tend to go quiet; in the last year or so I’ve been trying to fix this a little, pushing slowly for more involved conversations.

So it’s nice to be able to talk to Emily now. A lot has happened in our lives, and we have so much to catch up on.

It’s funny how you can have so few words for people you see every day, and when you meet someone new or reunite with a long-separated friend there are immense reserves of thoughts to share with them. Still they trickle out slowly, unfolding from one another in the haphazardly organized way that conversations always follow.

Emily has always been a very important person to me. There have been times when it seemed we might not connect again – it’s wonderful to find we can still be good friends.

ticks and whistles

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July 31, 2015 at 10:50 pm

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Evening of the Day #2394

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Evening of the Day #2394

While cleaning my room a few weeks ago, I found some of Emily’s old things, some of which were rather important, buried away in the boxes in my closet. It’s more persistent than pine needles from Christmas – I’ll keep finding pieces from when Emily and I lived together forever.

So I visited Emily and Myles today to drop off her things. Their home is taking form now, with three bookshelves densely packed and all sorts of zoological curiosities framed on the walls. They introduced me to their cat Lucy, who has a renegade claw that has grown so long that it’s coiled back on itself into a massive wheel. I imagine it contains some hidden power source – a tightly wound spring, perhaps, that keeps Lucy ticking throughout the day.

Emily and I made quesadilla sandwiches while Myles caught up on some work. We managed to keep him sufficiently distracted throughout the evening, since he really oughtn’t spend all of Sunday typing away by himself.

I keep meeting up with friends, hoping to really catch up with them – to ask “how’s your life going?”, and really learn what it’s like to be them, to know if they’re happy and whether their dreams are unfolding properly, to hear what kinds of thoughts have been following them day to day. I had this in mind today with Esther, Laurel, Emily and Myles, and would have wanted to ask Jordan the same if she had collected her things instead of her dad.

But, of course, you can’t just toggle on a deeply personal conversation with everyone you meet. It’s well and good to just talk a little nonsense with friends, too.

I walked home sleepy, but I’d really like to see these two more.


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April 13, 2015 at 12:15 am

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Photo of the Day #2363

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Photo of the Day #2363

I was wandering about Berkeley this evening, looking for portals from other worlds, when Emily called out to me from across the street. She and Myles have just moved nearby – just a minute or two from here – so she invited me in to see their new home. Their life there is still unfolding, but it looks like it will be a lovely place: a big bookshelf waiting to be filled; Emily’s drawings on the cupboards; a giant googly eye on the refrigerator door; a storybook full of recipes; tangles of green out the back window, where the neighbor’s dog likes to look in…

It seems like Emily is doing well these days. I stepped out a little too quickly today, leaving her to her dinner preparations, but I’m sure I’ll see her again soon.

a cling and a clang

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March 13, 2015 at 12:16 am

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Fuchsia of the Day #2351

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Fuchsia of the Day #2351

Myles insisted on being cropped out of this photo, and understandably so; I’d tried to capture a moment where all three members of the couch were laughing, but lost focus and exposure on the subject closest to the foreground. His shoulder remains, so don’t forget his presence.

I’ve seen Clara very little since her last birthday party. More people were able to make it out tonight: Myles and Emily, Faye and Tristan, Kate and Aaron, Imogen and Brendan, Elizabeth, someone named Rachel and her puppet parrot Newton. We ate breads and cheeses, fruits and sweets and chips, and for the first phase of the night I mostly sat and listened to the flow of the conversation. As the party slimmed down, I was able to throw in a few more words myself, and the last of us stayed talking until midnight drew near.

All these people are so sweet.


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March 1, 2015 at 12:51 am

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Molecule of the Day #2079

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Molecule of the Day #2079

With blanket and cupcakes, slackline and a massive bowl of fruit, we went out to the park today to meet my friends for a picnic I’d pulled together. For some reason I feel a little silly trying to organize my own birthday party – like I am asking people to celebrate me – but this time I wanted to see a lot of the friends who’ve drifted away over the years, and to see what kinds of reactions arise when my different circles of friends interact.

There’s a certain natural tendency at this kind of event, when strangers are brought together, for them to separate back into their own groups like the layers in a salad dressing. This left me fretting a little at one point, wondering if people were comfortable. Eventually, though, a number them mixed together on this glassy structure, talking and swinging and throwing kooshes, and everyone got along quite nicely.

There are so many wonderful people I know and want to see more, and it’s so hard to balance everything. Today was lovely, and hopefully this summer I’ll manage to see more of the friends I’ve been missing lately.

logan’s loop

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June 1, 2014 at 11:31 pm