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Panda of the Day #2281

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Panda of the Day #2281

The annual Latke Night at Jacob’s again, with all the rich fried foods necessary to force you into winter hibernation. Jacob’s family has a vast array of friends, and their house was packed for most of the evening, with far too many conversations fluttering about for me to catch any. We retreated upstairs for a while, where Jacob’s melanistic corn snake, Charcoal, had her own evening feast.

Eventually the crowd dispersed, and we had some space and time for our own conversations. I think I really like the after-party quiet – it’s a good time for late-night ideas to float around.

tossed salad and scrambled eggs

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December 21, 2014 at 12:49 am

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Feast of the Day #2254

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Feast of the Day #2254

We had a proper Friendsgiving feast at the haus tonight, replete with delicious dishes for everyone. Laurel and I made ratatouille; Kendra provided a set of pumpkin pies; Mitch made an astounding assortment of foods, a fantastic display of his skill as a chef.

Well-fed, heavy with food, our party parted earlier in the evening than usual, ready to sleep deep. These holidays are a welcome thing.

too many cooks

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November 23, 2014 at 10:42 pm

Aisle of the Day #2226

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Aisle of the Day #2226

We get occasional droughts with our friends, it seems – stretches of three or so weeks where we hardly see each other, for no particular reason other than chance fluctuations in our life’s climate. Today Laurel held a Halloween tea party, and the forecast from here looks good. Pearce arrived first, bearing popcorn and conversation and a box of mixed tea; he left before the Haus folk arrived, when the tea party slowly transitioned into a delicious Mitch-made dinner.

Our meal plan was hatched without regard for what Laurel’s kitchen provided, so we went out to the little local grocery to collect what would become our dinner. I like seeing everyone like this – a mundane errand, but taken together. It almost feels more like a gathering than the meal itself.

laurel the carpenter

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October 26, 2014 at 11:05 pm

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Tradition of the Day #2112

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Tradition of the Day #2112

This year’s Slaughtermelon was a quieter event than the last, with only our close friends attending, but we still made clean cuts through two watermelons, roasted a number of different foods and marinated in the hot tub nicely. The first and second years Mitch claimed every watermelon; this year, after sharpening his chi and slicing the first melon in a single blow, he consented to give Jacob a chance with the second. With Mitch’s advice and inspiration, Jacob was able to send a fissure clear through the melon, but not quite split it apart. Mitch thus remains the master of Slaughtermelon, and enjoyed the fruits of his effort accordingly. I dared him to do the same with a durian – he may need further training for that.

The first Slaughtermelon was the first event I shared with these friends after graduating, and it’s with them that I found an equilibrium again after all the uncertainties of post-college life. This holiday has another layer of meaning for me, then – I’m glad we were still able to come together for it today.

imposs’ble that’s the gospel

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July 5, 2014 at 12:49 am

Juice of the Day #2085

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Juice of the Day #2085

For Joke Juice III, the comedy acts and rap sessions were interspersed rather than doled out in their own clusters – a few jokes, a few rhymes, on into the night. I wasn’t expecting a piece from Hannah and Zaire, but they were fantastic, wordplay and wit and rhythm, playing back and forth so fluidly.

We are all worn out now, so it’s time to sleep. This party-show was tied in with Hannah’s birthday, as well – let this next year treat her well.

netflix handcuffs

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June 8, 2014 at 1:19 am

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Molecule of the Day #2079

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Molecule of the Day #2079

With blanket and cupcakes, slackline and a massive bowl of fruit, we went out to the park today to meet my friends for a picnic I’d pulled together. For some reason I feel a little silly trying to organize my own birthday party – like I am asking people to celebrate me – but this time I wanted to see a lot of the friends who’ve drifted away over the years, and to see what kinds of reactions arise when my different circles of friends interact.

There’s a certain natural tendency at this kind of event, when strangers are brought together, for them to separate back into their own groups like the layers in a salad dressing. This left me fretting a little at one point, wondering if people were comfortable. Eventually, though, a number them mixed together on this glassy structure, talking and swinging and throwing kooshes, and everyone got along quite nicely.

There are so many wonderful people I know and want to see more, and it’s so hard to balance everything. Today was lovely, and hopefully this summer I’ll manage to see more of the friends I’ve been missing lately.

logan’s loop

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June 1, 2014 at 11:31 pm

Feet of the Day #2075

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Feet of the Day #2075

This is a formation often taken at the end of shows, standing on the cold sidewalk outside, our feet pointing in like we’re a phospholipid monolayer. I wasn’t expecting to come out tonight – I didn’t know about Jacob’s sketch show until an hour before it happened, in fact – but going out to the city in the spur of the moment takes a sort of psychic energy I don’t have in high reserve, so it’s good for me to exercise it a little.

Mitch played a great alien tonight.

come back to chicago

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May 29, 2014 at 12:25 am